New York City Tips

I have a post like this on Memphis, but it is time for New York City.

We have only lived in "The City" since September 2016, but I get asked what to do in NYC. Here are some of my thoughts on that.

So you've found yourself in New York City?
You'll want to get a MetroCard for getting around the city. Each swipe is $2.75, but if you are with a group and it is only a day or two, you can save a buck or two by just sharing the same card. If you are going to be here for 3 days or more, I suggest considering a week unlimited pass at $33 ($1 for the card + $32 after that dollar price hike recently) if you are going to hop on and off over a long weekend or for the week. Any unused time on the card could be given to someone on your way out of town. This would be a huge pay-it-forward for any local.Prioritize what you want to see and think about where each location is. You may not be familiar with the geography in Manhattan, but you don't want to be going Uptown (north) and …

Phone Number Switch

I tried to be clever.

Before moving to New York City, I wanted to get a new phone number. I really wanted to take a piece of Memphis with me, so I decided to get a 901 number again. Easy right? Well I had to go and make it more difficult, because I wanted to keep my 682 number. I got that number because my parents moved to Texas and Verizon had a deal for unlimited mobile-mobile minutes that we really needed to utilize. Anyone who knows my dad knows that he talks more on his cell phone than any other human on this planet, so unlimited mobile-mobile minutes were a must!

Update: Google Voice/Google Hangouts allows you to have another phone number for free. I have had another number for several years. This came in handy when I lost my phone for a few days when I was still in college. I was able to come back to my dorm and call my mom from my computer to let her know that I was without my phone. Google Voice also came in handy when I was a recruiter at Bethel because we used Google Apps f…

Safer Passwords

The traditional online account has a username and a password. This method is much easier to hack, especially when the same password is used for many sites(I still do this). The difference with two-step verification is adding a password that you don't choose, aka a one-time password. It can be sent to you via text message (SMS) or it could be a code that is changing via an application (pictured right).
You might have heard about two-step verification (sometimes called two-factor authentication - 2FA), but chances are you don't know much about it or you haven't taken the time to set it up. Let's change that! I have seen too many Facebook and email accounts get hacked. Don't be next!

There are different ways to have two-step verification on Facebook, Google and others:
Receive a text message or voice call with a one-time password (OTP). This is usually pretty easy to setup. This requires a cell phone that receives texts (SMS).Google Authenticator Application: I use Goo…

Google is a must!

It is 2016. There is so much technology that is FREE to you if you just get a Google account. I have had Gmail for almost nine years! I got it when you had to be invited to join. The picture here is a screenshot of me inviting someone in July of 2007! At first, Gmail was my secondary email; this was the email that I gave to colleges and newsletters that I was interested in, but did not want junking up my Yahoo! inbox. The simplicity that Gmail has offered drew me in and kept me. I love how easy it is to set up filters. Another important feature is "Canned Responses" where I can store common emails without having to type the same information over and over again. It is much easier to insert a "Canned Response" while composing an email than copying and pasting from a document! I have been without my Yahoo! email for a long time now. Google quickly became my go-to for many of their services. There are alternatives for almost everything that you need online!
Instead of …

Memphis According to Mitchell

Friends ask me where to eat when they visit Memphis, so I thought I would put together a quick guide for some of my favorite places in Memphis! Support local restaurants; you can go to chains in a city that doesn't support its local cuisine as well. #Choose901
BBQIn Memphis you have to try BBQ. Everyone has their favorite. Here's mine:

Central BBQ - 1/2 order of BBQ Nachos on the house potato chips are my favorite. Choose your favorite meat. The easiest location to get in and out of is Summer Ave, but all three locations are the bomb.

Rock'n Dough Pizza - The Spinning Goat is probably my favorite, but I also like to get pizza by the slice. My favorite location is actually the one in Jackson, TN.

Memphis Pizza Cafe - I love to get a calzone.

Pyro's Fire Fresh Pizza - This is a cool way to get a personal pizza craving in.

High Pointe Pizza - A new favorite near my parents' house.

Fine Dining
The Majestic Grille - Chelsea and I really like eating here, plus my cousin…

Apple's September 9th Event

I will update this with pretty pictures and everything at a later time, but I was wanting to jot down some thoughts ASAP:
Apple Watch I like the idea of the Apple Watch, but I'll probably wait for a later version of it. It is the best quality hardware in the wearable category, but it comes at a premium.
Apple iPad Pro This is a really cool device and I will enjoy playing with it in the Apple Store, but I don't think it is something that I or most consumers would need. This is a great device for artistically talented designers. It is a better Microsoft Surface. Apple isn't always the first to the marketplace, but they usually make the best - at a premium. The average consumer would get more mileage out of a chromebook(this post was written on a chromebook), especially for the cost. I still have the original iPad mini; it is much slower these days, but it is great for watching YouTube videos before I go to sleep.
Apple TV (2015) I love that they are updating the Apple TV for…

2016 Shorty Social Media Awards - Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitacre: Choir nerd, composer and Social Media aficionado.
Today, I stumbled on the Seventh Annual Shorty Awards.