Donate Blood

badge-gallon-donorToday I gave blood at the American Red Cross blood drive at Bethel University. This was the sixteenth time I have given with the Red Cross. That means I have given two gallons of blood.  Who knows where all of my blood has been since I started giving in high school. I don't particularly like getting poked and prodded, but it is a great way that I can give back. Giving blood doesn't require a lot of my time and there is no exchange of money (Chick-Fil-A coupons don't count!). It saddens me when there are people who can give, but won't take the time to do so. The people who try and are turned away for one reason or another are at least trying!

If you haven't given blood before, I encourage you to please find a place and make the effort to give back in this small way!