2016 Shorty Social Media Awards - Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitacre: Choir nerd, composer and Social Media aficionado.

Today, I stumbled on the Seventh Annual Shorty Awards. I had no idea that they even existed, but I looked to see if there was a Social Media award and found what I was looking for. Apparently they were last night, April 20, 2015 and I didn't get a chance to nominate Eric Whitacre.

Recently I have been cracking up at Eric Whitacre's profile pictures on Facebook. They have been a daily laugh since March 20, 2015. People have started commenting with other funny pictures for him to use. If you do not follow him or his music, you should change that now. Whitacre has always been a champion of the internet with his Virtual Choirs for awhile now.

Below are some of my favorite profile pictures from Eric Whitacre:

What Eric Whitacre really looks like:

Created by C. Simmons Campbell.

Posted by Eric Whitacre on Thursday, November 20, 2014

Celebrity look-a-like?:

Keeping our Achy Brakey Hearts entertained:

As Babs!:

Eric Dirt:

Enough Hair?:

Trollin' us on Social Media:

Thanks again, Monica Hershenson Thuris.

Posted by Eric Whitacre on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eric Swift:

If I had to guess what tomorrow's will bring, it would be Monica Hershenson Thuris's comment on today's profile pic:


There's just something about (pun intended) his presence on Facebook that cracks me up. Everyone loves someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously.

Soooooo since we missed the 2015 Shorty Awards, let's keep him in mind for the 2016 Awards. We can even create a category!

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Update 4/22/2015: I was wrong about the profile picture, but Eric Whitacre confirmed what I already believed!

I'm getting asked a lot lately and the answer is yes: I and I alone manage my social media pages. Everything you see on FB and Twitter- including responses/likes from me - is 100% me, no agents, no PR people.

Posted by Eric Whitacre on Wednesday, April 22, 2015