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Apple's September 9th Event

I will update this with pretty pictures and everything at a later time, but I was wanting to jot down some thoughts ASAP:
Apple Watch I like the idea of the Apple Watch, but I'll probably wait for a later version of it. It is the best quality hardware in the wearable category, but it comes at a premium.
Apple iPad Pro This is a really cool device and I will enjoy playing with it in the Apple Store, but I don't think it is something that I or most consumers would need. This is a great device for artistically talented designers. It is a better Microsoft Surface. Apple isn't always the first to the marketplace, but they usually make the best - at a premium. The average consumer would get more mileage out of a chromebook(this post was written on a chromebook), especially for the cost. I still have the original iPad mini; it is much slower these days, but it is great for watching YouTube videos before I go to sleep.
Apple TV (2015) I love that they are updating the Apple TV for…