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Memphis According to Mitchell

Friends ask me where to eat when they visit Memphis, so I thought I would put together a quick guide for some of my favorite places in Memphis! Support local restaurants; you can go to chains in a city that doesn't support its local cuisine as well. #Choose901
BBQIn Memphis you have to try BBQ. Everyone has their favorite. Here's mine:

Central BBQ - 1/2 order of BBQ Nachos on the house potato chips are my favorite. Choose your favorite meat. The easiest location to get in and out of is Summer Ave, but all three locations are the bomb.

Rock'n Dough Pizza - The Spinning Goat is probably my favorite, but I also like to get pizza by the slice. My favorite location is actually the one in Jackson, TN.

Memphis Pizza Cafe - I love to get a calzone.

Pyro's Fire Fresh Pizza - This is a cool way to get a personal pizza craving in.

High Pointe Pizza - A new favorite near my parents' house.

Fine Dining
The Majestic Grille - Chelsea and I really like eating here, plus my cousin…