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Google is a must!

It is 2016. There is so much technology that is FREE to you if you just get a Google account. I have had Gmail for almost nine years! I got it when you had to be invited to join. The picture here is a screenshot of me inviting someone in July of 2007! At first, Gmail was my secondary email; this was the email that I gave to colleges and newsletters that I was interested in, but did not want junking up my Yahoo! inbox. The simplicity that Gmail has offered drew me in and kept me. I love how easy it is to set up filters. Another important feature is "Canned Responses" where I can store common emails without having to type the same information over and over again. It is much easier to insert a "Canned Response" while composing an email than copying and pasting from a document! I have been without my Yahoo! email for a long time now. Google quickly became my go-to for many of their services. There are alternatives for almost everything that you need online!
Instead of …