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Safer Passwords

The traditional online account has a username and a password. This method is much easier to hack, especially when the same password is used for many sites(I still do this). The difference with two-step verification is adding a password that you don't choose, aka a one-time password. It can be sent to you via text message (SMS) or it could be a code that is changing via an application (pictured right).
You might have heard about two-step verification (sometimes called two-factor authentication - 2FA), but chances are you don't know much about it or you haven't taken the time to set it up. Let's change that! I have seen too many Facebook and email accounts get hacked. Don't be next!

There are different ways to have two-step verification on Facebook, Google and others:
Receive a text message or voice call with a one-time password (OTP). This is usually pretty easy to setup. This requires a cell phone that receives texts (SMS).Google Authenticator Application: I use Goo…