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Phone Number Switch

I tried to be clever.

Before moving to New York City, I wanted to get a new phone number. I really wanted to take a piece of Memphis with me, so I decided to get a 901 number again. Easy right? Well I had to go and make it more difficult, because I wanted to keep my 682 number. I got that number because my parents moved to Texas and Verizon had a deal for unlimited mobile-mobile minutes that we really needed to utilize. Anyone who knows my dad knows that he talks more on his cell phone than any other human on this planet, so unlimited mobile-mobile minutes were a must!

Update: Google Voice/Google Hangouts allows you to have another phone number for free. I have had another number for several years. This came in handy when I lost my phone for a few days when I was still in college. I was able to come back to my dorm and call my mom from my computer to let her know that I was without my phone. Google Voice also came in handy when I was a recruiter at Bethel because we used Google Apps f…