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New York City Tips

I have a post like this on Memphis, but it is time for New York City.

We have only lived in "The City" since September 2016, but I get asked what to do in NYC. Here are some of my thoughts on that.

So you've found yourself in New York City?
You'll want to get a MetroCard for getting around the city. Each swipe is $2.75, but if you are with a group and it is only a day or two, you can save a buck or two by just sharing the same card. If you are going to be here for 3 days or more, I suggest considering a week unlimited pass at $33 ($1 for the card + $32 after that dollar price hike recently) if you are going to hop on and off over a long weekend or for the week. Any unused time on the card could be given to someone on your way out of town. This would be a huge pay-it-forward for any local.Prioritize what you want to see and think about where each location is. You may not be familiar with the geography in Manhattan, but you don't want to be going Uptown (north) and …