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Millenial Mitchell

What's more millennial than bucking the big guys in favor of local restaurants and startups or companies that stand for something? Maybe you'll find one that you haven't heard of or tell me about one I forgot/haven't heard of?

Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Bertucci Watches - I bought a pre-owned A-2TLemonade - renter's insurance (limited to certain states right now)Pay with Privacy - referral linkAspiration - Summit online checking account - referral linkAllbirds - wool (merino) runnersBombas (their merino wool socks pair perfectly with merino wool Allbirds - plus, one pair of socks is donated per pair purchased) - referral linkThe Black Tux - rentalThe Tie Bar - quality ties at affordable pricesTommy John (shameless plug)PatagoniaChacosGlossier (for Chelsea)QALO - referral linkSling TV - referral linkWarby Parker - glasses/sunglassesBrandless - we love their kitchen utensils and dry goodsLyft (we left Uber a year ago and haven't looked …